Skin Lightening Cream of 2017: Get Brighter & Beautiful Skin

How to attain brighter and beautiful skin?

Skin lightening is an attempt which is made to lighten your skin by using chemical substances, it is a process to get rid of uneven skin tone and eliminate melanin from your skin. Skin lightening is also known skin bleaching and skin whitening. All these three practices deal with uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation. Skin lightening always refers to reducing melanin from your skin in order to get healthier and brighter skin. A skin lightening cream can help you attain brighter and beautiful skin.

Melanin is a group of natural pigments present in our skin, too much of melanin can cause hyperpigmentation which is nothing but darkening a particular area of your skin. Melanin concentration can be in excess for the people of Asian and African. Most of the people of Asian and African are darker in color so there is a chance that melanin concentration is higher in them. Melanin is responsible for creating dark patches on your skin.

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As more concentration of melanin causes hyperpigmentation, hyperpigmentation is caused by sun damage, acne vulgaris, skin injuries, etc. It can also cause dark patches on your skin after the healing process of acne is done. Hyperpigmentation has always been associated with several diseases in your body. With the help of skin lightening practice, it is believed that hyperpigmentation can be treated.

Irregularities caused due to melanin

Best Skin Lightening

When melanin concentration is increased it is bound to create certain dark patches and irregularities on your skin, they are

All these irregularities can make you look darker and darker, one should take complete care to get rid of these. It is learned from different sources that you cannot attain lighter and brighter skin if you do not take immediate attention towards hyperpigmentation.

How to attain lighter skin

Best Skin Lightening

When you are going through pigmentation problem, it is advised to opt for a treatment which can help you in lightening your skin which does not show adverse effects. You need to be careful while opting for a treatment for your problem as there might be some chemicals used for the treatment. Harsh chemicals and substances can harm your skin. The substances which can help you get rid of hyperpigmentation are hydroquinone, Kojic acid, etc. When it comes to hydroquinone, only 4% of hydroquinone is allowed to use in products. Anything more than 4% of hydroquinone can be harsh on your skin.

There are two types of successful treatments to reduce pigmentation.

  1. Over the counter products
  2. Natural skin lightening products

Over the counter products: In this present situation, you will find 100s of skin lightening products which can reduce pigmentation problem, but are they safe is what we need to understand. Picking up some random skin lightening, bleaching or whitening cream can never help you to get lighter skin. At any given point it can show adverse effects on your skin.

You might be wondering why it can give you adverse effects.

In order to get effective results, you might end up selecting a wrong product because not every product works on your skin. For effective and temporary results, few chemical substances are used which can harm your skin in the later stages. It can show adverse effects in the long run and can harm your skin. It is important to take proper care while selecting a product. Ingredients like mercury, steroids, parabens and more than the required amount of hydroquinone can harm your skin. As it is discussed earlier in this article, only 4% hydroquinone is allowed to use in a product, anything more than 4% can harm your skin very badly like skin irritation, redness, itchiness and so on.

Not all OTC products are harmful to your skin, some might even work, but there is always a less chance. While preferring a skin lightening cream, you will have to look at the ingredients used in it. The best combination of ingredients can always give you the best results without any side effects.

Skin Lightening Creams

Natural skin lightening products: Natural skin lightening products itself indicates that these products are purely natural. When a perfect combination of natural ingredients is used while manufacturing a product, it becomes a perfect choice for your skin. Find out the best ingredients which can make a perfect skin lightening cream.

  • Alpha Arbutin
  • Gigawhite
  • Kojic Acid
  • Licorice Extract
  • Lemon Juice Extract
  • Mulberry Extract
  • Bearberry Extract and much more

If all these ingredients are combined in one product it will definitely make a perfect choice for skin lightening. All these ingredients work in such a way that it can give you effective results in just 14 days. These ingredients along with no harsh chemicals will be an added advantage to the effectiveness of the product. Harsh chemicals tend to affect your skin in the later stages of skin lightening treatment. When you are looking for a product, check the ingredients used while making the product. If you find the above ingredients in any product, then it is worth a try and surely get you effective results.

Meladerm - Skin Lightening Cream

Now, we are making your task easy by reviewing different products and selecting the best skin lightening cream so that it gets easier for you to pick up the best skin lightening cream. Selecting the best product from 100s of products is really a huge task but we are making that easy for you. Check out the product reviews of 3 best skin lightening products in the market and select the one you like.