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Amoils H-Age Spots Formula: One of the Best Natural Formula for Age Spots

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Amoils H-Age Spots Formula Hyperpigmentation Treatment CreamIs your youthful brilliant skin tampered by the appearance of finicky age-spots? They appear in various types of shapes, sizes, color, and can occur virtually anywhere on the skin, causing the skin to look aged and disfigured. Also known as liver spots or sun spots, the leading cause of age spots is the exposure to sunlight and particularly sources of UV-light. While age spots pose no potential health risk, clear, youthful, and radiant skin is a necessity today and in the future! There are numerous options for treatment such as prescription medications, medical procedures, and home remedies, to treat the perplexing problem of age spots. While many of these treatments have given success, we recommend the Amoils H-Age Spots Formula by Healing Natural Oils.  The Amoils H-Age Spots Formula by Healing Natural Oils is the perfectly safe and natural product to rid your skin of the dulling spots. H-Age Spots formula is an FDA listed and product proprietarily manufactured in the USA. It is a fast-acting solution and has gentle yet deep penetrating action against age spots. The product is manufactured in accordance with the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States. It is an effective homeopathic composition made from natural ingredients and essential oils with no chemicals or harmful additives. The homeopathic formula deeply penetrates the skin to remove all traces of the skin aliment by clearing the skin, producing an even skin tone, and fading out the dark spots.

Active ingredients: Thujaoccidentalis 12C

Inactive ingredients: Corylusavellana nut oil, Citrus Limonum peel, Daucus Carota seed, Lavandula Officinalis flower bud, Rosa mosquito seed, Sesamumindicum seed oil.

How Amoils H-Age Spots Formula Works:

The active component of this amazing treatment is Thujaoccidentalis 12C. Thujaoccidentalis 12C is an essential oil extracted from the white cedar wood tree. It is a powerful homeopathic ingredient that elicits various healing activities. The healing properties include being a rubefacient, diuretic, astringent, anti-rheumatic, stimulant, tonic, etc. The main component of the essential oil is thujone, which directly acts on the nervous system to bring about its unique effects. The compound stimulates and improves blood and lymph circulation and providing oxygen to all the cells, works as a detoxifier by preventing the build of toxins in the body. The improved blood circulation and detoxification are very important in treating age-spots. The rubefacient properties trigger the circulation just below the skin. The increased oxygen levels allow the age-spots to be detoxified and excess build-up of melanin is removed, leaving your skin fresh and youthful. To prevent the appearance of age spots, avoid extreme exposure to sunlight and use a natural sunscreen to reduce melanin production in the skin. A diet including fresh fruits and vegetables with plenty of water is much recommended to complement the treatment.


    • 100% natural, gentle, and effective on the skin
    • contains the highest quality ingredients
    • homeopathic and botanical extracts
    • 100% safe
    • No side-effects or drug interactions
    • No harmful chemicals or additives
    • FDA listed, manufactured in GMP facility in the USA
    • 90-day money back guarantee

How to Use:

Recommended amounts of the product must be applied 2-3 times per day on clean skin topically, directly on the affected area, and allowed to be absorbed by the skin. Take a few drops on your fingertips and massage the oil into the skin. Avoid contact with the eyes.


The results vary from person to person, but visible changes can be observed within weeks of the treatment. Homeopathic treatments generally require time to show its complete effects. In the first few days, you can observe a change in the skin tone, a more even and balanced skin tone will appear. Continued use as a part of the daily skin care routine, the age spots will fade and the appearance of new ones will be prevented.  In addition, preventative measures are important for the success of the treatment, so avoid excessive exposure to sunlight and use a sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 40.


Not recommended for use by pregnant and nursing women. Avoid contact with sensitive areas, such as the eyes. Use only the recommended dose per application, do not over-dose. If the age-spots change in appearance, such as become irregularly shaped, itchy, tender, or grow larger, contact your dermatologist immediately. Very rarely age spots can be benign or malignant cancerous growth on the skin, please take the necessary precautions and contact your dermatologist or healthcare provider immediately.

Customer Reviews:

  • Elizabeth from Florida gave this product a 5-star rating and said, “Dark spots on my hands are reduced and less visible.” 
  • Rosalie from Virginia also gave the Amoils H-Age Spots Formula a 5-star rating, her comments were, “I have been using H-Age Spots now for several weeks. The spots are definitely fading. I am very happy with this product.”


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