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How To Get Rid of Dark Spots on Face: Find the Best Dark Spot Remover

What are Dark Spots?

Dark spots are also known as age, brown or liver spots which are caused when your skin is exposed to the sun, which can lead to sun damage. There is a pigment named melanin in your skin when your body is exposed to the sun, it leads to overproduction of that pigment melanin which leads to hyperpigmentation. When hyperpigmentation occurs you are bound to get dark spots or age spots on your body. It can appear anywhere on your body. The dark spots appear on your face, hands and other parts of your body. It is also called as Skin Discoloration. Check how to get rid of dark spots with the help of a best dark spot remover.How-To-Get-Rid-of-Dark-Spots-on-Face.-Find-the-Best-Dark-Spot-Remover-e1513111161989

How to Fight Dark Spots?

You must be wondering what are the best possible ways to fight dark spots without harming your skin. It is always important to look out for the best possible option which gives you the best result as well as does not harm your skin. When it comes to fighting dark spots or age spots, we have so many ways to remove them with ease. We herewith bring you the best possible ways to fight dark spots naturally.

  • Home Remedies
  • Chemical Substances
  • Over the Counter Medications
  • Topical Creams

Home Remedies

This one particular method of fighting dark spots or age spots has proven to be one of the best possible methods, you can find plenty of home remedies to remove dark spots. Here we list one after the other.


    1. Castor Oil: Take some amount of castor oil and apply it to your dark spots on a daily basis, it will fade out age spots
    1. Lemon Juice: Apply a tsp of fresh lemon juice to your dark spots during bedtime and clean it next morning. It will help you in getting rid of dark spots faster
    1. Aloe Vera Gel: Aloe vera is considered the best solution for skin related problems, apply aloe vera gel to your dark spots and leave it for approx 30 mins. Repeat this process twice daily for better results
    1. Papaya: Apply a small piece of papaya on your dark spots. Leave it for 10 mins and then clean your face.
    1. Turmeric: Turmeric is considered antibacterial and antibiotic, make turmeric paste with milk and apply on your dark spots regularly. It will gradually reduce the appearance of dark spots on your face.
    1. Neem: Make a paste of neem, apply on your face. It will even out your skin tone
  1. Orange Peel: You can directly apply orange peel on your face or you can make a paste and apply to your dark spots.

There are many more such home remedies which can do wonders on your skin and plays an immense role in fighting dark spots.

Chemical Substances

There are some other alternatives where chemical substances can help you find out how to get rid of dark spots.

1. Hydroquinone: Hydroquinone is a chemical substance which is used to get rid of hyperpigmentation, it is used to treat dark spots, age spots and brown skin on your body. Using a chemical substance can harm your skin because we need to use up to 4% of hydroquinone, anything more than that can harm your skin. You can check out for hydroquinone creams.

Hydroquinone to fight dark spots2. Kojic Acid: Kojic Acid is a substance that is derived from fungi, it helps in brightening skin discoloration and pigmentation spots on your body. You can go ahead with a kojic acid cream or soap which can work on your skin.

Kojic Acid to fight dark spots

3. Alpha Arbutin: Alpha Arbutin is a natural skin lightener which is used in most of the skin lighteners which can work very well in dark spots/age spots.

Alpha Arbutin to fight dark spots

4. Retinol: Retinol is a Vitamin A substance which is used to treat vitamin A deficiency. This cream can help you in creating new skin cells and replacing it with dead skin cells.

Retinol to fight dark spots

5. Vitamin C: Vitamin C serum can fade the appearance of dark spots, it also fights uneven skin tone and skin discoloration.


Over the Counter Medications

You will find 100s of over the counter medications to fight dark spots/age spots. Always check out for the ingredients available for a particular product. Some harsh chemicals like hydroquinone, mercury, steroids, and parabens can harm your skin. As per the FDA, only 4% of hydroquinone is allowed to be used. It is suggested to opt for a medication below that limit. Check of product ingredients and customer reviews before purchasing one. You may find best dark spot remover over the counter at

Topical Cream (Best Dark Spot Remover)

A topical cream can help you in many ways, they come with natural ingredients without any harsh chemicals. They come from an excellent brand with excellent customer satisfaction. Topical creams considered to be the best in the market when compared to other alternatives. When it comes to fighting dark spots/age spots you will find plenty of dark spot remover creams which can do wonders on your skin, finding the best dark spot remover could be a daunting task. A best dark spot remover can promise effective results within at least 14 days.

Opting for a topical cream is always the best option to treat dark spots/age spots because other alternatives are time-consuming and some are harsh on your skin. Check out for the best topical creams for dark spots/age spot removal.

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