Compare Meladerm Vs SkinBright Vs EpiBright

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With loads of companies, claiming to offer you with the miraculous result with skin brightening, choosing the best one can always prove to be a daunting task. Now, if you are within the same confusing group, and need instant relief from this confusion, wait no longer and start checking out the comparison table, as availed online. There are loads of serums and creams available, but you need to choose the best option, which is free from harsh chemicals. Now, among so many options available from retail outlets and online stores, Meladerm is the perfect option for you to choose. This cream is not just natural but can be used by people of sensitive skin, as well.

Comparison Between The Three Skin Lightening Creams

Compare Meladerm Vs SkinBright Vs EpiBright

As the options are quite many, you need to go through the comparison tables, to know more about the best creams. The three top-rated creams available here are Meladerm, SkinBright, and EpiBright. Among these three values, Meladerm tops the chart. Some of the major technical aspects, which you are likely to come across, are listed below, in the chart.

Technical Features







Ingredients used 100% natural ingredients Mix of natural and chemicals Chemicals and natural ingredients
Professionally approved Yes No No
Animal cruelty-free Yes Yes Yes
Money back guarantee Yes Yes Yes
Use of hydroquinone No Yes Yes
Other ingredients available Kojic acid and lemon juice Alpha Arbutin and Kojic acid Additional 7 ingredients
Best suited for skin All types of skin Avoid sensitive skin All types of skin
Moisturizing effect Available in good amount Proper amount to help Lesser amount of moisturizer
Visibility of light-colored skin Excellent Average Average
Removal of dark spots Excellent Average Poor

Top rated meladerm creams

Meladerm is considered to be a leading pigmentation cream since it first hits the market in 2003. This cream is manufactured using 100% natural ingredients, which are free from any harmful chemicals like hydroquinone. The cream is tested effectively to make it suitable for all skin types. If you are suffering from harsh chemical pigmentation and need instant relief, this cream might help you with the perfect result. This cream is considered to be an advanced example of pigmentation cream of all time.

Important aspects of Meladerm service

Meladerm is known for treating various forms of skin pigmentation and not limited to only skin lightening, but some other options too. Listed below, are some of the major spots, which can be treated with the help of this cream:

  • Can help in dealing with uneven skin tone
  • Reducing age spots, acne marks, melasma and sun damage
  • Helps in offering you with the best skin discoloration issues

The results are likely to vary from one person to another, and the main difference can be availed within 2 weeks’ time. Depending on the present condition of your skin, the cream will work on individual’s skin. Moreover, the working time might also vary, depending on the severity of the skin condition.



Time for skin bright option

Defined as a magnificent example of 100% natural pigmentation cream, Skinbright comprises of more natural ingredients, and with the little chemical infusion. There are two major natural skin lightening ingredients, which are merged to form this cream, and those are Kojic Acid and Alpha Arbutin. Alpha arbutin is considered to be an effective extract from bearberry tree, and effective for lightening your present skin tone. On the other hand, kojic acid is taken from rice fermentation, which is produced with Japanese rice wine.

Some plus points with skinbright

There are some plus points, which you are likely to come across while dealing with Skinbright value.

  • The perfect combination of natural ingredients with added moisturizer makes it a complete form of skin lightening aspect
  • It helps in lightening up dark skin cells and nourishes the skin, at the same time.
  • This cream will lighten the skin and keep it sage with a healthy and radiant looking complexion



Lastly with Epibright option

Previously stated as Lucederm, Epidermis the perfect option for you to deal with if you want skin lightening agent without pinching a hole in your pocket.  This cream has been later reformulated with the main aim to keep up with the competitors. If compared with the previous segments of Epibright creams, the new version comprises of seven extra ingredients. These are mostly used to combat areas, as related to darker skin. This new formula is mainly fortified with excess moisturizers, which helps in leaving your skin balanced and hydrated, until the last moment.



Opt for the best result

These are some of the important value-added services, which you are likely to come across, while dealing with three major creams, like Meladerm, Skinbright, and Epibright. Always ensure to know more about the various options, which are related to skin lightening services. Get to know more about the ingredients, which are used for making creams, and start focusing on the right investment accordingly.

Check the detailed comparison between Meladerm vs SkinBright

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