How to Lightening Your Private Areas using Intimate Whitening Cream

One of the grave societal problems is body darkening which is a constant source of worry in middle-aged and elderly individuals. Body whitening creams inculcate the practice of using chemical substances or traditional herbal formulations, in an attempt to lighten skin tone or provide an even fairer complexion by reducing the concentration of the pigment melanin. Tyrosinase is the integral enzyme in melanin synthesis. Tyrosine inhibitors are commonly used in key body & intimate whitening cream to reduce or block melanin synthesis leading to skin whitening. These potent tyrosinase inhibitors are from synthetic, semi-synthetic and natural origins. Natural cosmetics are of late a thriving industrial manufacturing intimate whitening cream which replaces harsh chemicals with natural plant extracts.


The process of body darkening

The pigment melanin in human skin is the primary protection mechanism against UV rays of the sun. The production of abnormal pigmentation, such as melasma, spots and other forms of melanin hyperpigmentation can be a serious social problem. The main cause of enzymatic browning in human beings is melanin formation. The main cause of body darkening would be sun damage and hyperpigmentation. Apart from that African Americans & Asians have the dark skin tone, so for dark/black skin people, it is compulsory to go for body whitening. One of the grave concern for dark skin people is bleaching the intimate area. That area is so sensitive that normal creams can’t be used. It is not so easy to opt for whitening cream for the intimate area. The process of body and face whitening has so many alternatives but as  an intimate area is concerned there are not so many alternatives. For face & body, you can opt for a regular whitening cream but for an intimate area, you should opt for a whitening cream which is specially designed for the intimate area. Many whitening creams come with harsh chemicals like hydroquinone, such creams cannot be used in an intimate area.

Where can you use Intimate Whitening Cream?

  • Dark Underarms
  • Dark Neck, Knees & Elbows
  • Genital Area
  • Nipples
  • Inner Thighs

Chemical Intimate Whiteners

A number of intimate whitening creams are usually potent tyrosinase inhibitors and can be synthetic, semi-synthetic and natural origins. The commonly used chemical whiteners contain dangerous toxic chemicals like mercury. Other commonly found chemical body whiteners include hydroquinone, arbutin, tretinoin (also known as all-trans retinoic acid), alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). These are primarily in the form of lactic acid and glycolic acid in the various forms of vitamin C namely ascorbyl glucosamine, ascorbic acid, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, and monobenzone. Chemical treatment followed up by lasers can also have a profound effect on melasma.

Herbal Intimate Whiteners

For the past few years, intimate whitening has started using a medicine, food, and cosmetics containing natural plant extracts. The usages of this intimate whitening cream have significantly increased due to their therapeutic properties, charming fragrance, and the general opinion that they are safer than synthetic compounds. Apart from regular plant extracts even medicinal plants are being explored for its rich source of bioactive chemicals, free from harmful side effects, potentially safe and effective skin, body & intimate lightening agents (SLAs).

Which Intimate Whitening Cream to Choose

With so many markets and products that sell intimate whitening cosmetics, it’s often a dilemma on what to choose and what not to choose who claim to lighten the skin tone up to a few shades so that it makes your skin tone even. Some people who spend a lot of time outdoors tend to miss out applying sunscreen on the body and it undergoes the brunt of the UV rays and ends up with a stubborn tan, sunburn, which results in melanin production and therefore dark skin. That’s where this body & intimate whitening agents come to the rescue. The mode of action of their ingredients is to clear off the tan up to some extent and then provide the much-needed SPF so that no further darkening happens. Apart from the lightening effect body whitening creams must also be able to moisturize, hydrate without damaging the softness of the skin. In order to choose an intimate whitening cream, you need to look out for the ingredients mentioned. Plant-based purely natural ingredients make it a perfect choice to use the cream for an intimate area, it is also mandatory to check if any chemical substances are used or not. It is suggested to stay away from such creams with harsh chemicals. Using such type of creams can show adverse effects like redness, irritation, and itching.

Precautions to Take

  • Check the intimate whitening cream for any possible side effects. To test the product apply a small amount on an inconspicuous part of the skin and observe for allergies and other possible side effects such as inflammation or irritation ooccur
  • Ensure sure you skin is thoroughly cleansed and dried before application. Try sticking to only one branded product at a time
  • Avoid applying the cream on areas that are unaffected by blemishes. It would make the lighter part even more light which would make matters appear worse.
  • It is only used for an external purpose
Amaira Skin Lightening Serum: #1 Intimate Whitening Cream

First and foremost thing I want to bring to your notice that Amaira Natural Skin Lightening Serum is an all in one skin lightening serum which can be used to whiten the dark patches on the face, body and intimate areas like genital area, underarms, nipples, and inner thighs. It is rated as the #best choice for lightening the face, body and intimate areas with sensitive skin. Regular skin lightening products do not support intimate area but this cream does the job perfectly. It is 100% safe to use everywhere on your body. The plant-based natural ingredients of Mulberry & Orchid Extract and other scientifically proven natural ingredients are also used in this product. The mulberry extract is used to improve the skin health by slowing the production of pigment named tyrosinase (which makes your skin darker). This extract is also helpful in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your face.

Most of the other skin lightening products which are present in the market today are using hydroquinone as a skin bleaching agent. Usage of hydroquinone is harmful to your skin as it is a chemical substance. Amaira uses Kojic Acid as it’s bleaching agent which is a natural ingredient and bleaches your skin fast without any side effects.



  • Safe to use on face, body & intimate area
  • FDA Approved
  • 100% Plant-based Natural Ingredients
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Effective Results in 6 weeks
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • No Side Effects ever reported
  • Hydroquinone Free
  • Paraben Free


  • Only for external use

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