Meladerm FAQs

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Defined as a perfect pigment removal complex, Meladerm is scientifically proven to be the best skin cream, available. Be it your dark age spots or acne marks, old scars to even melasma dark spots, there are loads of options available. You can treat all these important spots readily from the first application of this scientifically proven skin cream. Listed below, are some of the important FAQs, as related to proper use of Meladerm skin cream:


Q1: Are these products safe to use and can be used for the longer term?

A: As the product is free from mercury, hydroquinone, and steroids, therefore; customers can apply the cream on a daily basis, without any fear of skin problem.

Q2: Is the cream free from irritation?

A: Different people have various forms of skin tone and textures. However, natural products are used for manufacturing these creams, therefore; Meladerm is free from skin rashes and other forms of irritation.

Q3: Do these creams have any serious side effects?

A: Well, these creams are tested under strict parameters and guidelines, which make them as safe as possible. Therefore, you can easily devoid the threat of skin cancer and similar such diseases.

Q4: What is the timeframe for the result?

A: Depending on the skin scenario, the working time of these creams are likely to vary a lot. Initial changes and improvements can be seen in 2 weeks. For the complete result, you have to take help of this cream for 2 to 3 months.

Q5: Will this cream help in serving any form of skin pigmentation?

A: Hyperpigmentation is known for occurring in any layer of skin. This is mostly dermal in nature. This cream penetrates deep down into the skin and help in relieving any form of pigmentations.

Q6: Are the Meladerm related results permanent?

A: During maximum instances, results after the use of Meladerm is permanent. The Periodic application is a must for those patients when hyperpigmentation is deep-rooted.

Q7: How long will a tube last?

A: If a bottle is of 1.7oz, you can avail 50 full pumps, as your best result.  Roughly, it will take seven weeks’ of your time to finish usage of a tube, on a rough scale.

Q8: How can this cream be applied?

A: You need to clean your skin with mild cleansing face wash and pat it dry with a hygienic towel. After that, you have to use the cream on your skin and keep it for long. It is better to use the cream at night time, before going off to sleep.

Q9: Should you apply the cream on spots or general skin?

A: It is not mandatory to apply the cream directly on spots only. You can easily apply it to the general skin, as well.

Q10: Will this cream be able to reduce the present freckles, sun damage, and dark spots?

A: Meladerm is designed in such a manner so that it can easily reduce any form of skin spots. It can either be liver spots or your dark spots, before a final statement.

Q11: Can Meladerm be used for brightening your skin tone?

A: Yes, this cream works on those dull skin cells, which were damaged due to overexposure to sun rays. This cream brightens up the present complexion of your skin from sun damage.

Q12: Will this cream be able to work on darker skin tone, as in those of African-American or other ethnic skin colors?

A: These creams are designed and manufactured in such a manner so that the products can easily work on various forms of skin types. It does not matter which color is your skin or of which ethnicity, like the cream, works great on your skin.

Q13: Can Meladerm be used to restore color to some white spots?

A: Well, the answer to this question is towards the negative side. Meladerm can only be used to reduce the darker spots on your skin and not the white ones. This cream cannot be used for restoring colors on white spots.

Q14: Can this cream be used by both the genders?

A: Gender does not matter when it comes to proper usage of Meladerm skin cream. Anyone, suffering from dark spots can use this cream for the apt result.

Q15: Is this cream safe to be used by pregnant women or other nursing mothers?

A: It is always important to wait for such women to use this cream when they are going through the course of pregnancy. The safety means of this cream for pregnant or nursing women are not yet established.[/su_spoiler]

Q16: Can this cream be used to reduce your skin color?

A: It is not quite important to use skin lighteners to get whiter skin tone, as it is not always possible. The creams are designed to remove dead skin cells, therefore; enriching your real skin color. Over usage of a skin lightening cream will decrease the natural defense level of your skin.

Q17: Will Meladerm be used for reducing wrinkles or acne?

A: This cream comprises of exfoliation ingredients, which help in cleaning your skin from dirt and excessive oil. Removal of excessive oil will lead to lesser acne prone skin. Moreover, the incorporation of Vitamin E and A helps in reducing fine lines and signs of wrinkles, too.

Q18: What to do is the usage of this cream gives rise to pimples?

A: Users with extra sensitive skin tone might face such problems, after using Meladerm. This sign is completely normal and will not give rise to any negative effects. You have to lessen the application timing and help your skin to adjust first, before further continuation.

Q19: Can this cream be mixed with other creams?

A: During maximum instances, it is better not to mix Meladerm with any other skin cream. However, it is advisable to test the cream on skin first to check the working strategies, before final adjustments.

Q20: Can Meladerm be used on any other body parts?

A: Known for its rich concentration, this cream can be used on necks and hands other than facial skin tone. You can even use it on larger body parts, as these are used for external use only.

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