Why Skin Lightening is Important for People with Dark Skin?

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All About Skin Lightening

I believe skin lightening is important for people with dark skin because for centuries lighter skin has been the tantamount of beauty and success, especially in Asia, Africa, and America. People all over the world have been denied opportunities all because of the pigment of their skin. Someone being a little darker than they’d like does not exclude them from being beautiful… but it’s sad that they feel that strongly about the darkness or fairness of their skin tone.

The Importance of Skin Lightening

In the United States, an individual with a lighter skin tone could very well be chosen for a job faster than an individual with a darker skin tone even if they don’t have the credentials, it’s a fact of life. I truly believe that is another tremendous reason people feel the need to have lighter skin. The movie “dark girls” by filmmakers bill duke and Chanson berry is a great example of the attitudes of society towards females with darker skin, it explores the roots of classicism, racism and the lack of self-esteem within a segment of cultures that span from America to the most remote corners of the globe.

The Disregarding Society

The advertisements about makeup, beauty, clothing, and even Apple products are flooded with people that are either white or “light skin”, this creates conditioning of the mind for individuals to believe that being lighter is the “best way” to go. But society has always been like this and it is nothing new, lately more people with darker complexions have been included in these advertisements, but it’s been a turtle race, so I hope no one holds their breath while waiting for the societal shift.

The Obsession of White Skin Tone

In Asia it’s the exact same way, women and men are pressured into lightening their skin because they feel as if that shows their socioeconomic status. If their skin tone is darker that shows that they’ve been working outside so they must be poor when in all actuality they could just enjoy the sun. It’s almost as if they are shunned because they don’t have the palest skin. They even go to the extent of saying that expecting mothers shouldn’t drink chocolate milk because the child will come out darker and this is absurd and ridiculous.

Being Dark A Big Problem

In Africa, as well as America, Euro-centrism is widely practiced. Individuals have stated they “got tired of being ugly”, I believe they didn’t recognize the beauty in their melanin-filled bodies. In my community I constantly hear black men say, ”I only date light skin girls.” and it’s really sad because at the end of the day whether she is dark or light, she is still an African American woman. I often hear the same comments from black. Get to know about the best skin lightening creams for African Americans.

Why Skin Lightening Is Important for People with Dark Skin

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