Sassy Skin

Treatments for Saggy Facial Skin

As we age, the outer layer of our skin naturally thins and loses a significant amount of fat and collagen. This brings about the appearance of tired, sagging skin that was once plump and youthful-looking. This sign of aging is impossible to prevent, but there are ways to slow it down and improve its appearance.
Whether you have saggy skin on your face or body, there are natural and medical treatments available to help you improve their appearance. Here’s more detailed information about saggy skin and its effective treatments.

Sassy Skin

Healthy Eating

Including foods that encourage elastin and collagen production can help bring back your skin’s elasticity and improve the appearance of sagging skin. Citrus fruits are high in Vitamin C that triggers collagen and elastin production and gives your skin additional nutrients such as selenium and zinc. Cruciferous veggies help with firming the skin as it contains vitamin C and other nutrients that keep the skin healthy. Oysters are also an excellent addition to your diet as they contain a lot of zinc and selenium, improving the skin’s elastin content. 

Topical Cream

Firming and anti-aging creams and serum can be applied on your face and neck. These products contain potent ingredients that are absorbed by the skin. Active ingredients reduce wrinkles and treat signs of aging such as sagging skin. Retinol is an ingredient you should look for in topical treatments that are known for skin-tightening. Hyaluronic in serums or creams can also keep the skin hydrated and plump, reducing the risk of sagging skin – it binds water to collagen in your facial skin to keep it youthful and healthy

Natural Treatments

Skin tightening can also be remedied with natural treatments. Aloe Vera is rich in malic acid that does wonders on the skin. It improves the skin’s elasticity and reduces the appearance of saggy skin. Egg whites are rich in albumin protein that also helps with the skin’s elasticity and rebuilds damaged skin cells, this brings back the skin’s natural youthful glow. Castor oil consists of moisturizing chemicals that can help removes fine lines. Rosewater also rejuvenates the skin and removes sagging skin because of its rich nutrients.

Medical Treatments

A sure way of getting an effective treatment for sagging skin is with the help of professionals. Doctors or dermatologists offer medical treatments, both surgical and non-surgical. 

Laser Treatment

Lasers can treat loose and sagging skin on the neck, face, stomach, and basically anywhere on the body. Laser treatments create micro-cavities within the skin to signal the body to heal itself and stimulate collagen and elastin production.


Ultrasound treatment uses ultrasound energy to stimulate collagen production for firmer skin. It is a non-invasive treatment that requires little to no downtime. Ultraformer HIFU is a kind of ultrasound treatment that effectively targets sagging skin, wrinkles, cheek fat, and double chin. This emits energy that penetrates deep into the skin to encourage elastin and collagen production.

Be sure to visit your doctor or dermatologist to ensure the best treatment for your skin dilemma. Experts consider your condition, history, and lifestyle to come up with an effective treatment that is well-suited for you.