What Is Tear Trough Dark Circle Removal Procedure?

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If you are one among the many, looking for an as safe and noninvasive method of treating your annoying dark circles, you have come to the right spot. With advances in technology, many procedures are developed to give people with dark circles a safe and effective solution. One among these procedures is what dermatologists call as the tear trough or noninvasive dark circle removal method.

What is tear trough dark circle removal procedure

Small facts about tear trough

Tear trough is a noninvasive and an easy procedure of adding volume to your under eye area which becomes depressed due to lack of sleep, stressful lifestyle, genetic problems and many other reasons.

This method is significantly effective for both young as well as aged people who experience the thinning effect of their skin under their eye and want to make their dark circles disappear for a long period of time. Also, the fast results are noticeable almost instantaneously which makes people cry out with happiness.

How does this procedure work?

Tear trough procedure makes use of a technique called as multiple puncture technique, which is used to inject hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers right above your orbital bone. This filler might be injected multiple times and massaged smoothly into your skin to mold the fat deposits which start forming. So, within ten minutes you can notice visible changes in your eye area and find that your lost skin has patched up making your face look brighter and fuller.

Thus you can be away from your sagging and dull skin with this treatment for up to 18 months and get compliments that you deserve.

Do people face any after effects from this procedure?

The tear trough procedure is done using small needles and not by inserting a cannula and thus the pain is very minimal in most cases.

The fillers used for this procedure contain Perlane and Restylane biochemical products which are highly safe for your body and your skin. Also, these fillers are sterilized and hence do not cause any serious side effects.

But, in very rare cases, after effects may be swelling, redness or tenderness in the region where the injection is given which will settle down in a few days after the treatment. A few people might also experience bruising at the treatment area is very sensitive and delicate. But this bruising is minor and can be covered up with proper makeup.

Benefits of this procedure

Firstly the person undergoing this procedure is studied thoroughly and only if the dermatologist finds it suitable to continue they go ahead.

The most important benefits of undergoing this procedure are:

  • Administration of general anesthesia can be avoided
  • The possibility of surgical scarring is very low
  • As it is just a 10-minute procedure, the candidate need not get admitted into the hospital or take several days off from work
  • The results are more effective and natural than surgical procedures

So, this wonderful procedure can be opted by everyone who is tired of bearing with their under eye circles and want to enjoy their new and fresh look at the earliest.

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