Why Meladerm is #1 Skin Lightening Cream in Comparison with SkinBright

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Are you willing to look for a product, which will lighten your skin from its core areas, without causing any form of irritation? Among so many skin lightening items available, Meladerm and SkinBright are two of the most sold out items, from over the counter and online stores, as well. Now, choosing the best cream among these two might prove to be a daunting task. If you can get to know more about the ingredients and types used in these creams, choosing the best one can always offer you some best results.

Why Meladerm is #1 Skin Lightening Cream in Comparison with SkinBright

Perfect comparison table for Meladerm vs SkinBright

To know more about the creams and to prove why Meladerm is considered to be a better product that SkinBright, you are cordially invited to check out the comparison table listed below. Reliable creams are not just going to provide you with amazing results, but will a long-lasting effect on your skin.

Important Features Meladerm SkinBright
Rating 5 star 4 star
Effectiveness Excellent Good
Presence of Alpha Arbutin Yes Yes
Presence of kojic acid and lemon juice Yes Yes
Customer satisfaction Excellent Ok
Improvement of overall skin condition Best with great moisturizing effect Not such good results
Presence of ingredients 100% natural ingredients Mix of natural and harsh chemicals

Scientifically proven to be the best

Developed by a team of expert researchers, Meladerm is considered to be a powerful and skin lightening cream, which is entirely backed by medical research. After researching for many years and testing the cream under various circumstances, this highly qualified cream was developed with advanced formula. Keeping the safety procedures in mind, the products are tested intensively under strict professional guidance, before exporting the final product in the market. This is enough to prove the safety quotient, as related to this skin lightening or bleaching cream.

Important aspects of Meladerm

As this product is free from any harsh chemicals, therefore; you can use it for any skin type. Use it twice a day or as directed by physicians for achieving the perfect result. The cream is not just good but will provide you with clear effect from deep within the skin. Therefore, a single application will start working from the core areas of skin darkening aspects, and remove those spots instantly. Avail a picture perfect skin complexion for the first time, you start using it.

Some positive ingredients to follow

There are some amazing ingredients available in Meladerm, which is hard to find somewhere else, especially in other competitive creams, like SkinBright. Listed below, are some of the important ingredients, which are matched in correct proportion to create final result:

  • Tego Cosmo C – This is considered to be a major type of amino acid, which helps in improving skin tone. For that, it works directly on reducing melasma signs and targets the dark skin cells.
  • Alpha Arbutin – This product is considered to be a common ingredient, as availed in SkinBright, as well. It is mainly an active form of skin whitening product, which prevents excessive formation of melanin, under your skin tone. It is available in a water-soluble powder form.
  • Kojic Acid – Mostly available in an Asian country, this raw ingredient has already been proven to be effective in treating age spots. On the other hand, this will also work directly on bad skin pigmentation, as another major plus point.
  • Gigawhite – It is primarily defined as a plant extract, which is a safe alternative to hydroquinone. This is manufactured from organically grown plants and shrubs, like in the Swiss Alps.

Perfect experience to work with

Meladerm is an effective skin lightening ingredient, which will work directly from the interior layer of your skin and start producing the final result. It mainly works on the targeted black or dark spots, which is more active than any other areas. While many items are more or less similar to other forms of skin lightening creams, this Meladerm is considered to be different due to its varied tested and research-based results. Premium quality ingredients are used, which are 100% natural. Therefore, no matter how sensitive skin you possess, these creams will not hurt it even a single bit.

Free from harmful chemicals

Apart from the above-mentioned plus points, this cream also comprises another major positive aspect. This Meladerm is completely free from any kind of harmful chemicals. This item is free from mercury, hydroquinone, steroids or other forms of parabens. Therefore, these are enough to prove the importance of this cream and how important it is, for all to use. Research shows that Hydroquinone might create some serious side effects. Therefore, creams with this ingredient need to be avoided, instantly.

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